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16.JPGPlease consider joining our Monthly Chai Club and becoming a partner in our work and in our children’s future. Hundreds of people are touched, inspired and helped by the Chabad Center of Mansfield year-round and it only happens thanks to your support.

11692487_1590622711190963_8018442187804935476_n.jpgThe Chabad Center is a very non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing an open and meaningful culture of community, education, support, and joyful Jewish Life to the greater Mansfield area regardless of financial ability, background or affiliation. We do not have membership fee. Being that we are supported 100% through local voluntary contributions, we encourage you to consider supporting our vital educational, social and cultural programs.

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Whether you attend Chabad of Mansfield regularly or seasonally - or perhaps you have obligations elsewhere - but would like to see our work grow and succeed in the community, then the "Partnerships" is a great way of showing your support and enabling us to succeed.


While any form of contributing is appreciated, the Partnership option via the Chai Club helps the Chabad Center in a very unique way as it grants us the gift of consistency.

All "Partners" will be recognized annually and receive special Partner perks.

IMG_1725.JPGThank you for your consideration and thank you for investing in the Jewish future of the greater Mansfield area!

Yours Truly,

Rabbi Yossi Kivman

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In our effort to make the Partnership Opportunity a possibility for families of all income levels, Partnership Opportunities have been designed within a wide range. However, if you are capable, please consider participating at a higher level.

This will allow us to cover our expenses and continue to expand our programs, services and long term goals.

All Partnership gifts can be made in one installment or in 12 monthly installments. Please check the option of your choice.

Chabad Life Partner: $1,000 Monthly - $12,000 Yearly
Chabad Platinum Partner: $360 Monthly - $4,320 Yearly
Chabad Diamond Partner: $180 Monthly - $2,160 Yearly
Chabad Silver Partner: $100 Monthly - $1,200 Yearly
Chabad Bronze Partner: $64.17 Monthly - $770 Yearly
Double Chai Supporter: $36 Monthly - $432 Yearly
Contributor: any amount $ a month = $ total yearly.
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