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The Five Books of Moses, the Torah, is quite simply the most widely-read, most influential literary work in all of human history. Since its first appearance over 3300 years ago, the Torah and its teachings have provoked inspired inquiry to discover its infinitely-layered meanings.

The ongoing Torah Studies series brings you this tradition of classical Jewish learning in a series of clear and engaging weekly classes. Probing the ideas and issues presented in each week’s Torah portion, the Torah Studies program offers timely lessons for living TODAY.
Classes will be held usually on Thursdays 7:30pm - 8:30pm via Zoom.

Below, you can see an outline of the upcoming sessions, and I’d love if you could join me for what promises to be a fun, engaging, and deeply rewarding learning experience. The classes are open to everyone, so invite a friend too!

Thursday, July 23 2020

What to Do When Your Life Is One Big Dumpster Fire

New Perspectives for Life on the Down

Are you feeling that your life is one big unmitigated disaster? A horror film just waiting for an even more tragic ending? A deeper look at the smoldering ashes of a destroyed Temple lends us new perspective on how to turn things around and stop the bleeding.

Tuesday, July 28 2020

When Everything Finally “Clicks”

No More “In One Ear, Out the Other”

It can take a lifetime to really “get” something, but when you do, it’s a whole different experience. A lesson about sound effects—or the lack thereof—teaches us what it means to experience real Judaism—and by extension, how to be a real person in every area of life.

Thursday, August 6 2020

Don’t Begin with the Basics

Jewish Life Begins with the Loftiest Ideas—and That’s Fine

Beginning with a story when a Rebbe chased an imposter from his office, this class quickly brings us into an important discussion about religious instruction and every person’s approach to their own faith. And it’s all captured in one little word, “ekev—heel.”

Thursday, August 13 2020

The Gift of Dignity

Giving with a Smile Is Worth Everything

“I don’t care why you’re giving, the main thing is to give,” they tell us. And that’s true—almost always. But sometimes, a sour face or a snide remark can undo everything we accomplish when helping another. So please, by all means, give and give for whatever reason. But remember that a smile goes a long way, too

Thursday, August 20 2020

Mind over Matter Isn’t Just a Slogan

Controlling and Directing Our Feelings with Laser Precision

Jewish soldiers at the outset of military campaigns were instructed, “Do not fear!” But is it really possible to command fear away? How about the other way around—is it possible to will yourself into liking someone or something? Unsurprisingly, the answer is “Yes!”

Thursday, August 27 2020

Weighing Your Values

If It’s Important to You, You’ll Find a Way to Do It

What’s that one thing in your life that no matter what, you make sure you have it? A cup of coffee in the morning? The morning news? A freshly laundered shirt? The point is: if it matters to you, it’ll happen. A stern warning about false weights in the Torah encourages us to bring that sense of “it matters” into our spiritual lives as well.

Thursday, September 3 2020

Thank You for Everything

The Joy of Gratitude

We’re all fiercely possessive, taking joy in the things we own and the experiences we make. An ancient mitzvah that tells a farmer to bring his first fruit to the Temple turns into a lesson about possession: you don’t actually own anything. And the surprising thing is—recognizing that will only make you happier.

Thursday, September 10 2020

Progress Will Always Include Setbacks. Get Ready.

Cherish the Failures for They Are Part of the Journey Forward

The Torah scroll we all love and cherish has a set number of lines that correspond to . . . the number of journeys the Jews travelled in the desert. Why is that an important thing to know? Because the desert journey we immortalize includes all the journeys—even the ones that were beaten in hasty retreat. Your life is much the same.

Wednesday, September 16 2020

The Day G‑d Split Adam and Eve

From Dependence to Independence to Interdependence

Instead of creating two distinct beings, a man and woman, the Torah tells us that G‑d first created Adam and then “built” Eve from him. This curious design quirk contains profound lessons about relationships—both in our personal and our spiritual lives.

Thursday, September 24 2020

Don’t Lose the Forest for the Trees

Keeping Your Eye on the Prize Is the Way to Win the Game of Life

One day, G‑d appeared to a man and told him to go to a city named Nineveh. And then that man ran away from G‑d. Sounds insane, right? After all, if things worked out crazy enough that G‑d came to you, would you think of running from G‑d? Turns out that oftentimes, we do the same thing. Discover how to avoid this costly mistake in your own life.

Wednesday, September 30 2020

Celebrating Commitment

Second Time’s a Charm

This is another discussion about happiness. But this time, we’re going to let your mistakes do the talking. The funny thing? Your mistakes are not only an obstruction to your joy, but they can very well be the catalyst for it. It’s what you do after you’ve messed up that makes all the difference.


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