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Thursday, October 26 2022!


These days, it seems like nothing has a shelf life longer than a week. Every day brings another superhero franchise, fashion trend, or dieting fad. News cycles shift by the hour, social media feeds and timelines by the second. With everything flickering, flashing, and constantly updating, it’s little wonder life sometimes feel so impermanent.

For me, there’s no better way to slow things down than to pull back, if only for short while, and try to see things from a more timeless perspective. Our own Jewish traditions are filled with so many breathtaking insights, and they won’t fade away into irrelevance in a few days. Connecting to our own heritage, and ultimately to a divine wisdom, makes the all very human things we do feel richer, more meaningful, and part of something longer lasting.

The Torah Studies program at  Chabad House Jewish Center tries to make this happen every single week. Each class take a topic or idea in Jewish thought to explore, tease out, and bring into play with our own lives. Each one is built around texts that we’ll learn together so that you can see these ideas for yourself, argue over them, and apply them to life your own way. Below, you can see an outline of a few of the upcoming sessions, and I’d love if you could join me for what promises to be a fun, engaging, and deeply rewarding learning experience. They are open to everyone, of all abilities, so bring along a friend too!

Shalom, and have a great week,

Rabbi Yossi Kivman

Thursday, October 20 2022

Don"t Be Lazy about What You Love

Investing in What's Familiar and Taken for Granted

"Ah, don't worry, they'll understand." How often do people say this offhand remark to dismiss a minor offense? Too often. In this fascinating ride, discover how the murderous Cain made the same mistake. and how you are able to be Abel: committed and invested.

Thursday, October 27 2022

In G‑d's Image

Spreading a Message of Universal, G‑dly Morality

Historically, Jews have kept to themselves. But times they are a-changin', and we now have the unprecedented opportunity to be a "light unto the nations." Drawing inspiration from Noach, this lesson provides a most edifying message to shout from the rooftops: you are a literal part of G‑d; act accordingly!

Thursday, November 3 2022

Religion Is Difficult and Unnatural. And That's Exactly How It's Supposed to Be

Appreciating the Passion and Energy of Earned Love

After leading a somewhat religious lifestyle for decades on end, you would expect things to get a bit easier, right? Wrong. Well, if you're looking for a boring and dry relationship with G‑d, then maybe. But if you're looking for something deeper, welcome aboard.

Thursday, November 10 2022

Excuse Me, Are You Jewish?

The Inestimable Value of a Single, "Coerced" Mitzvah

You may have been stopped in the street by an inspired young boy or girl with the question, "Are you Jewish? Would you like to put on tefilin or light this Shabbat candle?" But what's the point of doing a mitzvah just to get a young kid off your back? Abraham's actions long ago provide the answer.

Tuesday, November 15 2022

Light up the World

Shabbat Candles Is not Just a Romantic Ritual

There are many ways to work toward a just and moral society. The most tried and tested way begins at home: instilling values in the next generation. The sacred glow of Shabbat is far more than just an antecedent to a lightbulb; it is a spiritual light that burns brightly in the minds and hearts of everyone in the home.

Tuesday, November 22 2022

See No Evil, Eradicate Evil

How to Avoid Negative Talk and Bring Out the Best in Others

Gossip, slander, and the rumor mills are objectively pernicious things to avoid. But what do we do about all the bad actors out there? For decades, our forefather Isaac suffered from blindness to teach us all an invaluable lesson: there's always something good to see in someone else, and if we can find it, maybe they will, too.

Thursday, December 1 2022

Are Jews Supposed to be Sheepish?

Lessons from the Shepherding Habits of Our Forefathers. It's Not What You Think

The stereotypical image of the meek Jew who favors the study hall or the home is a bane for many. "No, we can fight, too! We can hold our own!" is common pushback. Our forefathers' obsession with sheep, of all animals, teaches us the perfect blend of humility and strength.

Thursday, December 8 2022

Bar and Bas Mitzvah: Too Young?

A Jewish Conception of Maturity and Adulthood

"Mazel tov! You're now an adult," said everyone's friends and uncles. But aren't twelve and thirteen far too young for such a statement to be really true? The counterintuitive story in the Torah that provides this age bracket tells us what "maturity" in Jewish thought is really about.

Thursday, December 15 2022

Shabbat All Week Long

Bringing the Inspiration of Shabbat into the Workweek

Did you know that the ancient custom of a wedding ring is rooted in a dramatic biblical story of betrayal and childbirth? And did you know that wedding rings are connected to Shabbat and the workweek as well? Discover the mystical meaning of the wedding ring and how it can infuse meaning into the mundane workweek.

Thursday, December 22 2022

Introducing Peace to a Fractured World

How the Torah's G‑dly Message Is the True Recipe for World Peace

If there's anything people have wished for from the proverbial genie in the bottle, it's "world peace." Yet, after thousands of years, it still eludes us. From a technical law about which candle to choose over the other - Shabbat or Chanukah - we emerge with a powerful elixir to cure our fractured world.

Thursday, December 29 2022

Suffering from Religious Fatigue? Dip into the Reserves

There's a Whole Cache of Passion Waiting for You

Sometimes, you're just listless and tired out. Spirituality, religion, or anything of that sort just isn't talking to you. How do you proceed? Thousands of years ago, Joseph collected money in Egypt and buried it. We're still discovering that stash today! and it can help your fatigue.

Thursday, January 5 2023

Getting the Job Done: Marks of a True Leader

When It Comes to Leadership, Results Matter

Leadership seminars abound, but is there one quality that lies at the core of it all? A study on the contrast between two great leaders - Rueben and Judah - cuts to the heart of the matter: to lead is to know, to care, and to put yourself aside until the job is done.


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