Model Matzah Bakery


Sunday, April 14 @ 10AM

Have you ever seen a 4D movie?

Experience a "4D Pesach Experience" for kids!

Using 3D glasses, children will watch an interactive "Exodus video", transporting them through history to the Jewish enslavement in Egypt. During the video, the Ten Plagues will be brought to life with special 4D effects (No worries, it will be fun and safe).

Kids will enjoy special interactive games to bring the message to life... including racing to build a pyramid, dancing to: “Who let the frogs out,” searching for hidden jewelry in a treasure hunt, etc. And the final step before the kids can reach "Sinai" — is the "Red Sea Limbo!"

And finally, the children will "build" their own wooden Seder Plate as a beautiful keepsake to take home.

Participation is FREE with your RSVP: