After 20 Years!!!

Monday, 26 October, 2009 - 6:04 am

Last week, David and Phoebe Marciano of Kiryat Shmuel celebrated the birth of their first baby … 28 years after their wedding.

If that was not amazing enough, the birth of their baby son was a beautiful miracle story that involved a promise from the Rebbe.

The story began 20 years ago, as David Marciano, who runs a chessed organization in the Krayot, related this week:

“Soon after our wedding, we found that we had a problem and were unable to have children. I asked the Rebbe for a bracha on various occasions, and the Rebbe would give us his blessings, but nothing definite. In 5750/1989, when my wife and I traveled to the Rebbe, I decided that this time I wouldn’t settle for anything less than a clear bracha. I spoke to the Rebbe’s secretary, Rabbi Binyamin Klein, to find out if he would let us in for dollars before everyone else so that we could ask the Rebbe for a bracha.

“Rabbi Klein agreed, and he told me to knock on the window of his room before dollars were given out. He also let us stand at the head of the very long line. At the relevant time, we knocked on the window of his room, and he let us in before everyone else.

“It was Sunday 21st Marcheshvan, 5750/1989, and we waited for an hour and a half before the Rebbe walked out. We were very excited and we felt unable to speak, but we decided not to waste this special opportunity. When the Rebbe came out, I said, ‘Rebbe, we want children!’ The Rebbe gave me an extra dollar and said, ‘This is for the children that you will have!’ The Rebbe then gave another dollar with a similar bracha to my wife.”

But the years went by, and the couple did not have a child. But they never gave up. At one point, David lost his hands in an explosion at the Raphael weapons factory where he worked. But the couple continued to believe that one day they would be blessed with a child.

“I always told everyone that this bracha must be fulfilled. It just had to happen. I didn’t know how or when, but the Rebbe made us a promise and so it had to be kept. Even though we went through some very hard times, we never gave up because the bracha gave us hope.”

David Marciano, who is 56, is still very excited. “It’s taking us time to recover and fall back to Earth,” he says. “We still can hardly believe that we have just become parents after 28 years of marriage!”

Tomorrow, the Marciano’s will hear a final answer from the doctor about when to hold the bris, but chances are that it will be on time, iy”H, on Wednesday

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