kosher Bagels, Lox (cream cheese) and Torah/Tefillin



Join locals like you, at The Chabad Jewish Center for our monthly BLT club.
Learn about Tefillin, how to wear them, and to recite a short prayer.
The Prayer is in Hebrew and English.
Rabbi Yossi will help you from beginning to end with all the details...don’t worry, he makes it up too :-)

Followed by breakfast, with "Bagels & Lox", and some light Jewish Schmoozing on the latest Jewish issues.

Also, discuss a topic in Judaism that you will find fascinating. (if you have anything you'd like discussed, please email
Rabbi Yossi)

Exclusive and Eye opening videos are shown! The cost is FREE, Donations are kindly accepted.

For the dates, please refer to the calendar at 

Tefillin (literally ‘phylacteries’) are small black leather cubes, or boxes, containing parchment scrolls inscribed with the sacred Jewish prayer, the "Shema.". Jewish adult men (over the age of 13) are commanded to wear Tefillin on their arm and on their head during weekday morning prayers.