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Welcome to the Chabad Jewish Center website. In it you will find upcoming events in our local area, Something for you - child, adult, senior, man, woman, couple, family or single. There is a Calendar of events, Photo Galleries of some of the exciting goings-on at Chabad. You can help us continue to service people like you, by generously donating on the donate page.

        As part of global Chabad Lubavitch - the largest Jewish organization in the world - you have access to tens of thousands of pages of information about any topic in Judaism. Plus allot of audio and videos. so browse around and enjoy.

        We are a Community. Since arriving in September of 2007, together with their family and friends Rabbi Yossi and Tzivi have been tirelesly working on building a cohesive community for every Jew - regardless of background or affiliation - to feel comfortable to learn about and enjoy their own rich heritage.

        Through house visits, Shabbat meals, Holiday events, Services, Womens groups, Camp and Hebrew school for childre and more - one by one, a community is forming.

        Try it out - you will be happy you did. Help us make your Judaism more meaningful and Joy-filled.

        Feel free to contact the Rabbi or Tzivi with a question, comment or a desire to learn about your heritage. It's yours for the taking.

About the Rabbi:

Rabbi Yossi Kivman has been serving the greater Mansfield community since 2006. Born and bred in New York, he received Rabbinic ordination and completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Jewish Studies at the Rabbinical College of America in Morristown, New Jersey and Melbourne, Australia. Following that, he spent six years of study at the central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn, eventually becoming qualified as a Rabbinic Judge (Dayan). Rabbi Kivman’s studies and travels as a student Rabbi have taken him across the world and close to home, with stints in Bulgaria, Saskatchewan, Germany and Indiana among other places.
Rabbi Kivman combines his vast knowledge of Torah, Talmud and Chassidic thought with an open approach to everyone he encounters. The Rabbi is well-known in the community for his warm  smile and concern for all, as well as the depth and originality of his classes and lectures. Having grown up in the surroundings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi M.M. Schneersohn, Rabbi Yossi Kivman is inspired by the Rebbe’s love of Judaism, of all Jews and of humanity, and has spearheaded many projects and activities in our area to raise awareness of Judaism and unite the community. Rabbi Kivman is best reached via email at [email protected].

About the Rebbetzin: 
Mrs. Tzivi Kivman co-directs the Chabad Jewish Center.
Tzivi earned a bachelors degree in advanced Judaic studies in Beth Chana of Safed, Israel. She taught Judaics on the early childhood, elementary and high school level in Myrtle Beach, SC New Jersey and then New York, and at various summer camps throughout the United States.
Tzivi has given classes on the weekly Torah portion, feminism and Jewish thought, Challah baking, Jewish marriage and everything in between. She successfully runs the Gan Yisroel day camp and Hebrew school as well as programs for local teens. Her genuine love for every person and desire to help everyone has made people feel of all backgrounds consider her their close friend. She can be reached via email at [email protected].