Israel Emergency Relief Fund

Simchat Torah, the morning when Jews were to dance with the Torah and celebrate joyously, air raid sirens blared turning it into the bloodiest day in recent Israeli history.

With nearly 1,500 murdered, thousands more wounded, and entire families taken captive in Gaza, the people of Israel need our help.

Chabad of Israel had launched a war room to coordinate all efforts across Israel. Currently, over 10,000 Chabad rabbis and rebbetzins and volunteers are spending nights and days, doing all they can for the people of Israel. Key priorities include:

  • Bereaved Families: With so many victims, families often feel alone. Every family is visited by Chabad personnel, to be there for them in their darkest moments.
  • Hostages: In towns and cities across Israel, Chabad representatives provide support, food, and whatever families of hostages and missing persons may need.
  • The Injured: In every hospital, dedicated Chabad Houses provide for the spiritual and emotional needs of those injured. This will continue through the long road to recovery.
  • The IDF: Chabad teams visit IDF bases on the frontlines and in the heartland, bringing hot meals, hygiene products, mitzvah opportunities, and cheer to support our brave troops.
  • The South: In Sderot, Ofakim, Ashkelon and other towns in Israel’s south which have been hard bit by the infiltrators and continued missile barrages, Chabad teams are reaching out to residents, dispensing welfare checks, mental counseling, material and spiritual support for all, especially the homebound.

And they need your help!

All donations go directly to Chabad of Israel's central “war room,” which is coordinating the efforts and providing the support and funds to make it all possible.

Your contribution will make a real difference!

Every dollar will go to help the needy and victims of terror. 

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