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Torah Studies

Season 4 5778

  • NEW class Starts Shabbos, October 13

    Chabad Jewish Center is proud to present our Torah Studies catalog of classes for Season Four.

    At Chabad, we value a deep, rich learning experience and we aim to provide this in an unequivocal way.

    You don't have to have any prior knowledge of Torah or Hebrew to attend, we are sure that you will appreciate the depth and informative information of these classes and gain immensely from their life lessons.

    To make it convenient for you, Rabbi Yossi will give these classes twice each week: on Thursday and Shabbos afternoons.

    Please register NOW so we can order the books right away.

    I invite you to browse through the topics in this catalog and to join us for some weekly inspirational study. These classes are open to all, whatever your level of learning may be, and I encourage you to bring your friends along.

    Rabbi Yossi Kivman
    35 Horace Street, Mansfield, MA 02048

    Shabbos 4 - 5pm
    Thursday 2:30 - 3:30pm

    Six-Week Course begins: October 11 or 13 (choose your class)

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  • Thursday, October 11 | Shabbos, October 13 ~ The Flood Song

    Shattering the Past to Grow to the Future
    The imagery of the flood is downright terrifying: dark, raging waters pummeling Earth for forty days straight, eradicating everything in its wake. Yet, surprisingly, the Midrash sees this turbulent event as a serene song of praise to G-d. What does this dramatically divergent perspective tell us about the tumultuous breakdowns in our own lives? Sail the high sea of Noah’s ark to discover the answer.

  • Thursday, October 18 | Shabbos, October 20 ~ Be An Influencer!

    The Best Defense Is Offense
    "No one will ever change the way I think and act!" said no one, ever. The fact is that our environment has a tremendous impact on shaping who we are, and to think that you will remain completely unaffected by your surroundings is wishful thinking. So: What to do if you find yourself in sundry situations? Discover the wisdom embedded in Avraham’s first test and what it tells the modern person today.

  • Thursday, October 25 | Shabbos, October 27 ~ Be My Guest

    Hospitality at the Next Level
    So you think you’re a great host, right? You probably are, and the detailed account of Avraham’s hospitality is here to up your game. A detailed look at the behavior of our generous forefather reveals that hospitality is a whole lot more than simply opening your homeâ€"get ready to become a therapist too!

  • Thursday, November 8 | Shabbos, November 10 ~ Your Two Cents

    A Little Effort Is Worth a Lot of Impact
    We all dream of a future Temple that will herald in the messianic era. Have you every stopped to think about who will get the contractor bid for the project? Conflicting accounts across the Talmudic discipline paint a hazy picture: Some say it’ll come down from Heaven prefab. Others say Jerusalem Contractors, Inc. will be formed. So which one is it? The answer will tell you a thing or two about what it means to put in a day’s work.

  • Thursday, November 15 | Shabbos, November 17 ~ A Red Line Is a Red Line

    Finding the Internal Courage to Erect Moral Boundaries
    On that fateful night on a mountaintop, as Jacob dreamed, the entire Land of Israel folded beneath him. The reason? It was a harbinger of his descendants’ future conquest of the Land. Harbingers aside, what is the reason G-d fashioned such a fantastic miracle? For pure sentiment? It turns out that this sentiment is a key component in crafting the moral compass for Jacob’s descendants for all time.

  • Thursday, November 22 | Shabbos, November 24 ~ Cosmic Collision

    What a Kabbalistic "Big Bang" Has to Say about Everyday Life
    Cosmic collisions, and abundant lights shattering vessels and raining sparks into darkened worlds: sounds like the stuff of a fantasy movie–but it’s not. Believe it or not, it’s the kabbalistic rendering of Creation, and it has major implications for how the world operates, and more importantly, how you operate. Discover the secret of the cosmos and yourself, through the surprising vehicle of a narrative about Edomite kings.

  • Optional continued Learning

    No fee for extra classes
  • Shabbos, December 1 | Thursday, November 29 ~ Put a Smile on Your Face!

    Making Others Feel Good–Even When You’re not
    "Be true to yourself!" is a refrain often heard. Hey, if you’re not feeling it, then why bother faking it and putting on a smile just for others? While popular wisdom may suggest so, the behavior of a tormented slave named Joseph in the dungeons of Egypt speaks volumes of how we ought to think about others around us and the demeanor we should maintain to brighten others.

  • Shabbos, December 8 | Thursday, December 6 ~ Essential Oils

    The Secret to Remaining Above While Tethered Below
    Everyone is dieting these days, so oil is pariah number one. But on this holiday, we set aside our reservations and indulge in latkes, doughnuts, and take the opportunity to load up our menorahs with oil. So, what’s with the oil? Aside from a relic of the ancient story, a fascinating ride through the Chasidic perspective on oil reveals some important truths about who we really are.

  • Shabbos, December 15 | Thursday, December 13 ~ Wind in Your Sails

    Harnessing Inspiration for the Long Haul
    Many a wise person has said that "Indifference . . . is more dangerous than anger and hatred," or “Apathy is the death of democracy.” Indeed, to be uninspired and emotionless is a terrible predicament. But all those people jumping up and down on mountaintops, screaming with passion, don’t seem to be the answer either. So what does an even-keeled person do? The dramatic, heart-wrenching reunion of Jacob and his son Joseph uncovers a refreshing answer.

  • Shabbos, December 22 | Thursday, December 20 ~ Earn It or Win It?

    When to Throw Your Hat in the Ring–and When Not To
    A marriage that survives a bitter fight is stronger than it was before. A person who is crushed and then bounces back is arguably emotionally healthier than your average Joe. So, what message should we be giving to our kids? Challenge them or coddle them? Put them through the wringer or pamper their path? An insightful conversation between a rebbe and his son, about the lifetime of our forefather Jacob, sheds profound light on these questions.

  • Shabbos, December 29 | Thursday, December 27 ~ The Underpinnings of a Nation

    Why Slander Is Enemy Number One
    We all know the story of the Jews in Egypt: bone-crushing slavery for hundreds of years. What caused this terrible catastrophe? Was it perhaps because they were habitual idolaters? Nope. After a kerfuffle with two bickering Jews, Moses declares that slander, above all, was the root cause of suffering. Really? Is it that bad? Ride the train of Jewish nationhood to discover why, yes, it is really that bad.

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